Bomb Incident

Bomb Incident


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The course is designed to assist emergency responders, firefighters, safety response personnel, and law enforcement personnel with the necessary skills to function as first level responders. It prepares participants to be  able to respond to terrorist type incidents involving explosives and incendiary materials. Terrorists strike anywhere anytime, with successful preparation we are able to minimize the damage incurred, minimize effects of surrounding communities, and preserve life, safety, and evidence. Most importantly, we emphasize proper documentation and collection of evidence techniques.

  1. Terrorism introduction
  2. Targets (soft & hard)
  3. Vulnerability analysis of critical infrastructures
  4. Bombing ? tactics of choice
  5. Suicide Terrorism
  6. Threat analysis and risk assessment Carver matrix
  7. Principles of Explosive/incendiary devices including dirty bombs
  8. Recognition and identification of Energetic materials
  9. Improvised Explosive Devices (lessons learned from the London bombings and others)
  10. Bomb threats
  11. Bomb Scene response (Incident & Unified command Systems) practical exercises.
  12. Secondary devices

This training is not offered as part of any public offering because of the sensitivity of course topics outlined. Feel free to visit our website at to download a brochure or get more information. You may reach us at 1-917-324-0746 or email me at   This course is offered through INVITATION ONLY to senior personnel with security or safety management duties only.

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