Alasdair Cameron tops NEBOSH Oil and Gas Exam

Alasdair Cameron attended the NEBOSH IOG course hosted by OSHE Consultants Corp in Houston Texas and was able to max the exams because of the expert training provided by OSHE Consultants. Alasdair was at first hesistant to sit for the course because his background was not in the field of safety, but security. He has been working the the middle east at Oil and Gas facilities as a security consultant and wanted to move into the safety field also.

Answering the Call - 911 World Trade Center

Army Response to WTC Article

Jamaica NEPA Media Release

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) recently conducted a certification course for inspectors
of hazardous waste in Jamaica. The course provided participants with the knowledge and expertise needed to
meet the stipulated standards under The Natural Resources (Hazardous Wastes) (Control of Transboundary
Movement) Regulations 2002 (amended in 2009), and the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary
Movements of Hazardous Wastes.
Jamaica has forty-two gazetted hazardous waste inspectors, who are mandated under the Regulations to

APM Terminals Kingston Jamaica

APM Terminals (Jamaica) Limited (APMTJ) has taken one step further towards improving safety awareness and preparedness.
This was by way of a Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training programme held recently.
This training was geared towards developing a response team, competent to neutralize hazardous situations such as
fire, chemical spills and some bio-cargo emergencies.
The HAZWOPER training prepared the participants to effectively manage incidents of the most common nature, while highlighting

Trinidad & Tobago Regiment Seniors Officers Training

Senior officers of the TTR were part of an OSHA Train the Trainer Course Presented by Carlstien Lutchmedial of OSHE Consultants Corp. The Course was organized by COL Richardo Garcia.

Kingston Jamaica Gov't ER Officers Training

Training took place at the Maritime Academy smoke house in Kingston and was led by Carlstien Lutchmedial

Kuwait Maritime Safety Training

OSHE Consultants led a maritime training course in Kuwait

OSHE Consultants Introduces OSHA Trainer Courses in TnT

OSHE Consultants had the distinction of being the leader in introducing OSHA trainer courses in TnT. Here the first batch of Trainers at UTT undergo classroom trainer workshhop

Kuwait Maritime Class

Held at HEISCO

Cayman Island Compass Safety standards under the scope

Tuesday 9th August, 2005 Posted: 14:42 CIT (19:42 GMT)

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