APM Terminals Kingston Jamaica

APM Terminals (Jamaica) Limited (APMTJ) has taken one step further towards improving safety awareness and preparedness.
This was by way of a Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training programme held recently.
This training was geared towards developing a response team, competent to neutralize hazardous situations such as
fire, chemical spills and some bio-cargo emergencies.
The HAZWOPER training prepared the participants to effectively manage incidents of the most common nature, while highlighting
that self-preservation plays a critical role in the effectiveness of the team and its individual members.
The Instructor
The presenter, Mr. Carlstien Lutchmedial, has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field, and has been delivering
Hazardous Response training for over twenty (20) years.
Director of Hazardous Material Response in New York City, Safety Officer in the American Military, Homeland Security Instructor
for Terrorism/Bombing, and Management Professor at Pace University are just a few of his functions and responsibilities.
He is recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Certified Safety Professional
The Participants
The thirty (30) participants were drawn from APMTJ’s Operations, Engineering, Safety and Security Divisions, and the Port
Authority of Jamaica (PAJ). Fewer than half of the participants had any prior HAZWOPER training or experience.
The Programme
The programme, which was spearheaded by APMTJ’s Safety Manager, Dean Williams, and facilitated by the Training Section,
was held from May 8 – 12, 2006.
The topics covered during classroom sessions included hazard recognition, confined spaces, incident safety management, all
of which were very practical and applicable to the operations of the Terminal.
The training was not all theory. There were practical demonstrations and scenarios; some of which were carried out at the
Caribbean Maritime Institute.
The practical aspect of the training dealt with fire fighting procedures, search and rescue in confined spaces, and hazardous
waste material decontamination and containment.
The trainees were assessed based on their participation in the practical components of the programme and on a written examination.
At the end the programme, all thirty (30) participants were successful and each person was awarded an OSHA Safety
Management Certificate. (next issue, we will get some feed back from the presenters and the participants.)
Prepared by Shanroy Shirley
Operations Division


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